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This meet is on Sunday 2nd December 2007 at the Matt Busby pool in Bellshill

Warm up 9am 

Team as follows:

Kirstin McKinley

Fiona Andrews

Ruth MacLean

Zoe Scott

Helen Simpson

Rhona Stewart

Georgia Callander

Amy Carnegie

Megan Donnelly

Yong Chin Breslin

Cheryl Bond

Rebecca Hillis

Rachael Clark

Cara Tosh

Amy Coats

Cara Purdie

Rachel Tedeschi

Rebecca White 

Stacey Henderson

Shona White

Greg Watson

David Colley

Ross MacKay

Martin Douglas

Edward Gray

Jack Austin

Kenneth Sui

Jamie McKinley

Ethan Sloan-Dennison

Thomas Marmion

Ross Currie

Glen McIntosh

Johnston Shearer

Oliver James

Stefan Todorov

Sergey Mozharov

Fraser Smith

Jamie Forrest

Grant Gould

Dean Stevenson


Springburn Pool will be closed from Friday 30th November till Sunday 9th December/reopening on Monday 10th

Training has been moved to Tollcross during this time.

Springburn Squads will be training with Tollcross Squads:

Times are:

Silver Squad -
Tuesday 7 - 8.30pm
Wednesday 7 - 8.30pm
Friday 7 - 8.30pm
Sunday 5 - 7.00pm
Coach - Sinead Doherty

Bronze Squad -
Monday 7 - 8.30pm
Thursday 4 - 6.00pm
Sunday 5 - 7.00pm
Coach - Caroline Donald

Transition -
Wednesday 7 - 8.30pm
Sunday 5 - 7.00pm
Coach - Katy Finnegan

Please note that the programmes for the upcoming West District meets are now available on the West District website

Pickup point - Tollcross @ 8.00am after Morning training.

Staff attending this Meet:

Stephen Hill - Head Coach
Louise Clayton - Coach
Joanne McKinley - Team manager

Gold Squad /Drumchapel

Training on Friday 30th November and Friday 7th December will be at Scotstoun with Stefan from 5.00 - 7.00pm.

Please note that the bag packing which was scheduled for 8/9th December in BigW has been cancelled

Thanks to everybody who supported our meet and made it very successful and enjoyable for all.

Results are now available here:

Masters2007 - Session 1

Masters2007 - Session 2

Masters2007 - Session 3

Masters2007 - Session 4

Thanks to all of the swimmers and coaches for attending and to the staff at Tollcross for their help.

In particular thanks to the volunteer Swimming Technical Officials from all clubs who attended and made the meet possible.

Thanks to Jim McInnes and Campbell Watson for meet management.

And finally many thanks to all of the COGST volunteers who helped out.

We hope to see you all again next time !


City of Glasgow Swim Team Management Committee


Scots everywhere are celebrating Glasgow winning the right to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games.  President of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), Michael Fennell, made the historic announcement today 9th November during the CGF General Assembly in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

Read the full story here 


We are looking for swimmers to join the Mini League team for the coming season and are holding trails :

17th November 2007 at Tollcross Leisure Centre
Warm up at 9am
Start at 9.20am
Swimmers born 1998,1999 and 2000 are eligible to try out.
Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

Name, DOB, Squad and name of Coach prior to the 17th November 2007

Please note that due to the Masters Meet, there will be no training at Tollcross on the evening of Friday 9th November.

We are looking for more volunteers to come forward to help with running City of Glasgow Swim Team meets.
Ideally we are looking for a number of people with basic computing skills i.e. email, word processing etc, to learn how to run the Hy-Tek meet management software.

You do not need to commit a huge amount of time (although if you wish to do so then that would be very welcome!). Even a few hours on the day of a meet would be very useful.

If you wish to get even more involved, you will also have the opportunity to learn how the electronic timing system works, how to actually setup meets, or how to update the website.

Our Masters Meet is coming up in November and it would be a good opportunity to get involved in a low-key meet. 

If you are interested and want to know more(with no obligation), please contact any committee member - either in person or via the contact page on the website.

John Phillips
COGST Management Committee

 Once again the club intend to participate in selling spree books as part of our fundraising initiative.

Every family will be issued with one book however; there will be a surplus of books available for those wishing to purchase additional copies.

It is anticipated that the books will be delivered at the beginning of November and be made available to the membership shortly thereafter.

Just a reminder to all COGST members and officials that we need volunteers to help out with this meet.

Venue : Tollcross Leisure Centre, 350 Wellshot Road, Glasgow, G32 7QR

Date : 9th/10th November 2007

Session 1 - 1.30 pm warm up, start 2.30 pm

Session 2 - 5.30 pm warm up, start 6.30 pm

Session 3 - 9.00 am warm up, start 10.00 am

Session 4 - 1.00 pm warm up, start 1.30 pm

Please contact the Meet Director - Donnie MacLean for more information 

A number of important decisions have been made by the Management committee regarding how we manage swimmers times and entries to meets.

Previously we had a number of diverse systems which had to be reconciled before meet entries could be produced. These introduced delays and  the possibility of errors.

We have now standardised on the Hy-Tek Team Manager system to manage all of our swimmers times and meet entries.

This system provides a consistent database for use by Entry Secretaries, Coaches and our Website. 

Unfortunately we do not have much control over the format of the forms which are produced, but they do have all of the necessary information. 

During the migration exercise it became clear that a large number of our swimmers are not competing regularly. Some through choice, but others due to a policy of selective squad attendance at meets. This blanket approach causes problems due to the diversity of the levels of ability within squads.

The Management committee agreed that from now on:

  • an entry form will be produced for all swimmers who are eligible based on age and times, regardless of which squad they are in
  • forms will be given to coaches as usual to decide which swims (if any) a swimmer will enter at that meet 

This will mainly benefit swimmers who are new to the club, or are moving between squads. But it will also provide the opportunity for swimmers at all levels in the club to compete on a regular basis if they wish to do so. Swimmers who beleive they should have received an entry form, and have not, can discuss this with their coach.

In support of these decisions, a letter will be sent out to all swimmers along with a copy of all the relevant information which is now held in our database. We would like members to check this and advise us of any omissions or mistakes.

John Phillips

COGST Management Committee 

From Monday 15th October training times for the Silver Squad at Drumchapel will change on Monday Nights only from 5.00 - 6.30pm to 6.30pm - 8.00pm.

All other times remain the same.

Monday - Drumchapel - 6.30 - 8.00pm
Wednesday - Drumchapel - 5.00 - 6.30pm
Saturday - Scotstoun - 7.00 - 9.00am
Sunday - Scotstoun - 4.00 - 6.00pm

Changes will continue until 31st December.

As Knightswood Pool will be closed in the evenings over the holiday period, from 14th October - 21st October training for the Transition and Bronze Squads will be:

Bronze Squad

Tuesday 16th October 5.00 -6.00pm Scotstoun Pool
Friday 19th October 6.00 -7.00pm Scotstoun Pool
Saturday 20th October 7.00 -9.00am Scotstoun Pool

Transition Squad

Tuesday 16th October 4.00 -5.00pm Scotstoun Pool
Friday 19th October 5.00 -6.00pm Scotstoun Pool

Return to Knightswood Tuesday 23rd October normal training times.

Gold Squad will still be  training at Knightswood although times wil be changed.

Monday/Wednesday 9.00-11.00am

Tuesday/Thursday    9.00-10.30am  

National development, National Age and Seniors at Scotstoun

Training will be at Tollcross - normal Tollcross training times 

Update 19/10/07: National Age /Dev & Seniors at Scostoun  will continue to train at Tollcross over the next week - normal training at Scotstoun will resume from Monday 29th October .

If you have any queries please speak to your Coach or Contact Cathie Robertson on 0141 287 5447.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following swimmers on their selection for the Scotland West Team that travel to Sheffield on Sunday 21st October 2007:
Fraser Smith
Amy Coats
Jamie McKinley
Johnstone Shearer
Rebecca Hillis
Megan Donnelly
Sarah MacLean
Good Luck to you all!


Venue : Citadel Ayr

Date: Saturday 6th October

Transport:    Bus Leaves Tollcross  - 12.00 noon Bus Leaves Scotstoun - 12.30pm

Warm Up :   2.00pm


Olivia Jackson

Leigh Gallagher

Hannah Brisbane

Georgia Callander

Cara Tosh

Rachael Clark

Rhona Stewart

Kirstin McKinley

Megan Donnelly

Rachel Tedeschi

Anina Khamisha

Rachel McDonald

Rebecca Hillis

Ruth MacLean

Sarah MacLean

Rebecca Cooke

Martin McInnes

Ross McPherson

Ritchie Austin

Scott McKay

Martin Douglas

Jack Austin

Rory Shirley

Conal Kiddie

Ethan Sloan Dennison

Jamie McKinley

Colin Campbell

Grant McPherson

Johnstone Shearer

Glenn McIntosh

Fraser Smith

Oliver James  

Well done to the Mini League Team who achieved 2nd place in the Clyde Coast Mini League 2007.

Thank you also to all those who volunteered & who came to support the team during the rounds & the final. Your support is much appreciated.

Please note the following changes in training times during the September weekend;

Friday 21st September:

8am-10am - National Development, National Age Group & National Squads.

3pm-4.30pm – Silver, Gold & Senior Squads.

4.30pm – 6.30pm - National Development, National Age Group & National Squads.

Monday 24th September

7am-9am -National Age Group & National Squads.

2.30pm-4pm – Bronze, Gold & Senior Squads.

4pm – 6pm - National Development, National Age Group & National Squads.

Saturday & Sunday sessions will be at the normal times.