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Welcome to our updated website

Unless it is your first visit here you will have noticed a few changes.

Our new site is aimed at getting information out from the club faster than ever before and also allowing members to interact in various ways with coaches, committee members and each other.

There is a tutorial which is designed to help you quickly understand the new features and get the most from the site.

All of the information that was on the previous website is still available here, if you can't find something there is a useful  sitemap facility and an improved search

Some of the other features are:

  • Swimmers Times database,  easier to use layout, automatically displays members/family times
  • Document Library with Private members only areas
  • Community features i.e. ability to set up links to friends etc
  • Improved Profile information, Coach, Squad etc
  • Ability to submit news or other articles
  • Comment on any articles or news
  • Photo Galleries 
  • Links/Bookmarks with the ability to submit new links
  • Better contact pages with more direct access
  • Site navigation is much improved with areas for news, most popular items etc. Layout is now completely dynamic so that items can be scheduled to appear and then be archived when they are no longer relevant.

A lot of these facilities will only be available to registered members, so please register now. Please use your full name when registering so that we can check that you are a member and are entitled to access.You can choose your own userid and password. If you are a parent you can also register under your own name.

We will attempt to verify members identity by asking you to provide yours or your child's Swimmers times database password.

Feel free to use the new comments system to suggest any improvements or changes on this or any of the other pages.

John Phillips