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STOs for West District Meets

Can all STOs please note the new process outlined below by John Deans for signing up to officiate at West District meets. Trainee Judges can also request mentoring through this form.

‘Following on from the success of the Volunteer/STO “SignUp” system at the Sprints & Relay Champs, we are continuing with it for the Junior Age Group Champs.

It gives us more information, ahead of the weekend, on how many people have actually volunteered to help, or whether we really need to panic in terms of Accreditation etc.

If you “normally” come along to help out, e.g. as an STO, Announcer, or at the front desk, or organise volunteers or STOs for your Club, PLEASE, PLEASE, use the system as it will give an overall picture in one place.

SIGN UP is on a per Session basis. Click a role in any/every Session then hit the Submit button at the end.

There are links to the SIGN UP page on the “Home” page and the “2019 District Meets” page of the West District website and the following link can be copied and used in any emails/Facebook/Twitter communications that you may decide to use within your Club.

Please support this initiative to get better organised support for YOUR District Championships/Meets.’