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Following our members satisfaction survey, we received some feedback about the accessibility of the committee members on Tuesday evening club nights, which threw up a range of views.

Some members felt the committee should not sit in the café as they didn’t want to approach them in case they were interrupting, but other members felt it was good to have them in the café as they were easy to find and speak to.

Some members felt that the committee should be based in the club office (Altyre Suite) on a Tuesday evening, but others were worried that they might be interrupting a meeting if they came in to the office to speak to a committee member.

Obviously there is not any one solution which suits everyone, so can all members please be aware that every committee member who is at Tollcross on a Tuesday evening can be approached at any time for information about the club, or just for a chat. It doesn’t matter if we are in the café, in the gallery or in the club office. Please do not worry that you are interrupting – it’s what we’re here for. You may sometimes find the office door closed, but that doesn’t mean there is a meeting in progress, and even if there is, the person you want to speak to will usually be able to come out. Please just come in.

Committee members will usually be wearing their blue club polo shirt so that they can be easily identified, so please come and say hello and ask about anything you need help with. Remember there’s no such thing as a silly question!

Marjorie Phillips