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COGST Office:
Mon,Wed-Fri 10-2pm Tue 3.30-7pm
0141 287 5447
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 Live Results Live Results Live Results 


Session 1 – Warm-up 9:00am; Start 10:00am
Event 1 Heats Girls 200m I.M.
Event 2 Heats Boys 50m Freestyle
Event 3 Heats Girls 50m Freestyle
Event 4 Heats Boys 100m Backstroke
Event 5 Heats Girls 100m Backstroke
Event 6 Heats Boys 4x50m Medley Relay
Event 7 Heats Girls 4x50m Freestyle Relay

Session 2 – Warm-up 1:30pm; Start 2:30pm
Event 8 Heats Boys 200m Freestyle
Event 9 Heats Girls 50m Breaststroke
Event 10 Heats Boys 50m Breaststroke
Event 11 Heats Girls 100m Butterfly
Event 12 Heats Boys 100m Butterfly
Event 13 Heats Mixed 4x50m Medley Relay

Session 3 – Warm-up 9:00am; Start 10:00am
Event 14 Heats Boys 200m I.M.
Event 15 Heats Girls 50m Backstroke
Event 16 Heats Boys 50m Backstroke
Event 17 Heats Girls 100m Freestyle
Event 18 Heats Boys 100m Freestyle
Event 19 Heats Girls 4x50m Medley Relay
Event 20 Heats Boys 4x50m Freestyle Relay

Session 4 – Warm-up 1:30pm; Start 2:30pm
Event 21 Heats Girls 200m Freestyle
Event 22 Heats Boys 50m Butterfly
Event 23 Heats Girls 50m Butterfly
Event 24 Heats Boys 100m Breaststroke
Event 25 Heats Girls 100m Breaststroke
Event 26 Heats Mixed 4x50m Freestyle Relay