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The mini league squad has now been selected. This has been made at the coaches discretion.

Congratulations to all who made the team, we look forward to working with you.

We hope you are ready to swim great throughout the campaign and most of all ready to have loads of fun!

Girls 8 & under

Rose Gourlay
Ekavira Singh 

Girls 9 years

Gina Ren
Evie McAulay
Joy McDonald
Ella Cunningham
Daisy Gildea

Girls 10 years

Myren Mcphee
Sky Buchanan
Coco Croxford
Olivia Broom
Jessica Taylor
Aneesa Phillips 

Girls 11 years

Heidi Ren
Carys Mooney
Rosie Liston
Melissa Mennie
Daisy Blair
Maya Smith
Nicola Dry
Hetty McLeod 

Boys 8 & under

Freddie Blair 

Boys 9 years

Jack Robinson
Mikhail Vinogradov
Nathan Divine 

Boys 10 years

Daniel Hendry
Jude Mowbray
Conor Owen
Martin Ferrie
Joe Carty
Cole Murphy 

Boys 11 years

Eklavya Singh
Marcus Blake
Ryley O'Shea
Tristan Robin
Campbell McLean