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Unfortunately Annan pool only has 4 lanes resulting in a much smaller team being able to compete in the 1st round (25th February)

Team list for this round attached below if for any reason you cannot attend please contact me directly at the earliest convenience.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Girls 8 years&under
Gina Ren
Evie McAulay

Girls 9 years
Jessica Taylor
Aneesa Phillips
Anna Phillips
Lena McBride

Girls 10 years
Heidi Ren
Carys Mooney
Rosie Liston
Melissa Mennie

Girls 11 years
Amber Wade
Madison McCallum
Leona McQueenie
Louise Connell

Boys 8 years&under
Jack Robinson

Boys 9 years
Daniel Hendry
Martin Ferrie
Conor Owen
Bobby Sewell

Boys 10 years
Eklavya Singh
Campbell McLean
Marcus Blake
Ryley O'Shea

Boys 11 years
Tom Inglis
Yusuf Ibrahim
Peter Stark
Felix Chan

Jamie McKinley