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Another great performance today from Rebecca Cooke to take a silver medal in the 400IM at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

She was 2.69sec behind Australian Stephanie Rice, who set a new Games record of 4mins 41.91secs.

Becky was delighted to add another medal to her tally in an event that never used to be her number one priority.

"It used to be a fun event for me. It is now something I do train for in my programme," she said.

"I knew the freestyle was my strongest leg and I knew I could catch up a lot (on the leader) but I didn't have enough because she was too far ahead of me."

Lorna Smith was also in action today in the final of the 400IM and was part of the Scottish team in the 100m relay.

If you missed them, you can see both events online

This has been a fabulous games for British swimming and the Club is very proud to have two swimmers representing Scotland and England.

Well done Lorna and Becky! 

Some images from today's events below.. 

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