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On Wednesday the 9th November and on other days, all swimmers in National and National Age Squads were informed that as from Thursday 10th November 2005 every Thursday AM session was to now be as compulsory as I can make it as this will be the session that our major and most important session of the week will be conducted.

This session will consist of a Major Heart Rate set that gives the Coaches VITAL INFORMATION that will be of benefit to you the SWIMMER in the future. During this session all times, heart rates, and other information is recorded by the swimmer, that the Coaches check and photocopy their sheet, write comments on them if needed and hand back to the swimmer, so hopefully you can understand why this session should only be missed under extraordinary circumstances, otherwise we can not monitor your child’s progress.

Any swimmer who does not attend this session regularly will be in their actions sending the message to their Coach that they wish to be a recreational swimmer and to be treated as such. If by some extreme circumstance the swimmer thinks this is not the case Louise and myself will be only to happy to sit with the Swimmer and Parent and they can explain why they do not need to attend the main workout of the week.

Hopefully this will clear up any problems of swimmers taking Thursday AM off. If you have any problem with this please call me.

Stephen Hill
Head Coach COGST