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The club will attend various swim meets throughout the season. Details of the meets which your squad is due to attend can be found in the club diary in the 'Club information' section.

Forms for meets will be produced by the club entry secretaries for all swimmers who are eligible to enter that meet.

To be eligible for a meet, a swimmer must have times on our club database for the events which are offered in the swimmer's age group at that meet. For example, if an 11 year old only has times for 50m events but a swim meet is only offering 100m and 200m events to swimmers of that age, then the swimmer will not receive an entry form from us.

This is why it is important for swimmers to attend our club time trials in order to get times for as many different events as possible. Time trials are usually held every month at Scotstoun on a Saturday morning. Details of dates are in the club diary.

Graded meets are offered to swimmers in our Development squads. These meets will usually have a cap on the times which a swimmer would enter with, so if the swimmer's times are 'too fast' they will not get a form for these meets.

Open meets are at a slightly higher level and will sometimes set 'consideration times' which means that a swimmer must be faster than this time in order to receive a form for the meet.

When the entry secretaries produce the forms, they will give them to the squad coaches to distribute to the swimmers. Please make sure that your form and payment is returned to the appropriate entry secretary by the closing date given on the form. We cannot accept late entries as we have to make sure the entry file for our club is sent in to the host club by their closing date otherwise none of our swimmers would be able to enter.

Please do not give your form to your coach or to the child of an entry secretary or send it to the club office as there is no guarantee that we will receive them on time!

For the same reason, do not use 'registered' or 'signed for' mail, as there may be no-one at the entry secretary's address to sign for the letter and we do not have time to go to sorting offices to collect mail.

When a swimmer is entered for a meet this does not mean they will definitely swim at it. The host club will produce a draft programme, usually a week or two before the date of the meet. The entry secretary will then go through the programme and mark up each swimmer's form for each event to say whether they are accepted/rejected/reserve. The forms will then be returned to the coaches to distribute to the swimmers. Remember that if a swimmer does not attend training regularly they are likely to miss forms being given out. Draft Programmes are usually available on the Members Section on our website. To access this you will need to register on the website.

If a swimmer is rejected for an event, they will receive a refund of the entry fee for that event. If they are a reserve, they should attend the meet and wait until they are told by the coach/team manager whether or not they have got their swim. If they are not offered a swim, the entry fee will be refunded. If a reserve swimmer does not attend the meet and would have been given the chance to swim, the host club will not refund the entry fee. Once the meet is over, the host club will send us a refund cheque to cover all rejected swimmers. Our club administrator will then send out refund cheques to our swimmers. You should usually have received any refunds by a month after the date of the meet.

How do I know when my child will be swimming? The events will be listed on the entry form in numerical order. Most meets will be over 2 days at the weekend and will have four sessions. Events 101, 102, 103 etc will be in Session 1, Saturday morning; events 201, 202, 203 etc will be Session 2, Saturday afternoon; events 301 etc, Session 3, Sunday morning and 401 etc, Session 4, Sunday afternoon. All swimmers should be there in time for the start of the warm up for the session in which they are swimming. Details are on the front of the entry form.

What should my child take to a swim meet? It is a good idea to have a swim suit for each warm up and another to change into for each session plus enough towels to get dried off. Club polo shirt and cap should be worn at all meets. Please make sure all clothing is clearly marked with the swimmer's name. Swimmers should have a spare cap and two pairs of goggles in case any split during the meet! Lunch/snacks should be healthy options – sandwiches/wraps/fruit/cereal bars etc. Please do not include a lot of crisps/sweets and under no circumstances should swimmers bring 'energy drinks/energy sweets' such as Red Bull or equivalent. These are not good for young swimmers and do nothing to improve their swimming. See the articles in the Document library on our website for further information.

What does my child do when they arrive at a meet? We usually have 2 coaches and a team manager at every meet. Swimmers should look for them on poolside and report to the team manager as soon as they arrive. They will then be told which seating area we are using and when the warm up for their age will start. Swimmers should remain on poolside at all times so that they are available to be sent to marshalling in time for their swims. If they need to go to the toilet or to speak to a parent, they must let the team manager know where they are going. If a swimmer has finished their swims in a session and is ready to go home or go for lunch, they must let the team manager know before they leave poolside.
If you find you are unable to attend a meet for which you have been accepted please let the entry secretary know as soon as possible that you wish to be withdrawn. This will allow the host club to give notice to any reserve swimmers that they will now get their swim. If you have to withdraw on the day of the meet or if you are running late please text the team manager phone. The team manager phone number can be found on the club website. This phone will be switched on the evening before and for the duration of a meet.

There is lots more information on swim meets, nutrition, preparation for meets etc contained in the Club Handbook which is available under 'Member Services' on the club website. If you register on the website you will have access to a full range of documents about swimming plus you will receive regular email updates containing club news, details of training changes etc.

Marjorie Phillips